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6 Simple Ways to Embrace Eco-Friendly Fashion

6 Simple Ways to Embrace Eco-Friendly Fashion

As the catchy phrase goes, "Buy less, choose well," there is a growing trend toward sustainable or slow fashion. With increasing recognition of the environmental impact of our lifestyle choices, more people have started wondering: "How do we become more eco-friendly with fashion?" In this article, we will explore six simple ways to enhance your sartorial style while keeping your eco-credentials intact.

Revamp Your Existing Wardrobe

Before you rush off to buy something new for every occasion, take time to familiarize yourself with the clothes in your wardrobe. Tear through your closet and try on different combinations. You might discover that an old piece of clothing, which had been forgotten in your wardrobe, could be styled in an entirely new and exciting way.

Not sure how to start? Pinterest is an invaluable resource for discovering new ways to wear old clothes. You might be amazed at the fresh looks you can create with your current wardrobe without even having to purchase a thing! Wearing what you already own is arguably the simplest way to embrace eco-friendly fashion.

Invest Wisely

If the sage wisdom of mandarin-tongued fashion legend Vivienne Westwood isn't convincing enough, take it from an average shopper: we rarely need as much clothing as we imagine. Carefully consider any potential clothing purchase. Rather than hastily mass buying, consider acquiring clothing strategically, one item at a time, and determine if you indeed need more.

Thrift Shopping

Contrary to popular belief, thrift shopping can be a remarkably rewarding experience. Not only can it save wardrobe-waste from heading to landfill, but you're also conserving energy and water that would have been used in the manufacture of new clothing.

From bustling brick-and-mortar stores to efficient digital marketplaces such as the Oxfam online shop, second-hand outlets are pleasantly abundant. To add a dash of excitement to the experience, you could discover some vintage stores while travelling to new places. It's a winning combination of sustainable shopping and travel!

Care for Your Clothes

Interestingly, pure wool or cashmere does not need to be washed unless stained. Airing out such garments after wearing will markedly extend their lifespan. Moreover, it's a time and money-saving care routine that ensures the clothes maintain their good look. Additionally, natural fibres are significantly gentler on the environment and feel much more comfortable against the skin.

Embrace Natural Fibres

Synthetic materials such as polyester can be suffocating in heated conditions and chilling during colder weather. Instead, consider opting for natural fibres such as cotton or linen during the summer months. They are not only environmentally friendlier but also allow the skin to breathe, thus enhancing comfort.

The "30 Wears" Rule

Introduced by Livia Firth from EcoAge, the 30 Wears Campaign encourages us to ask whether we will wear a new piece of clothing thirty times before purchasing it. By steering clear of evening dresses and leaning toward classic dresses or separate pieces (skirts and tops), we are more likely to get more wear out of our clothes. It's a brilliant approach to promoting sustainable fashion and reducing wardrobe clutter.

Embracing Ethical, Sustainable Brands

Several good ethical and sustainable brands are actively promoting eco-friendly fashion. Not only do these brands contribute to a culture of sustainability, but they also offer delectably stylish threads to help you dress more eco-friendly.

In summary, dressing eco-friendly can be more comfortable and accessible than we think. Sometimes, it's just a matter of starting with what we already have, making wise decisions about what to add to our wardrobe, and considering the lifecycle of our clothing. Remember, small steps can lead to big changes when it comes to reducing the environmental footprint of fashion.

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