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"Our vision is to bring community together through creative and fun experience, provide a space where people can freely be, express and share themselves and to bridge the gap between creatives because we ALL are in one way or another!

Our Goal is to Put a Smile on the Face of the World by inspiring, entertaining, bringing joy and laughter into people lives while cherishing our Mother Earth"


"We are dedicated to offer unique, trendy, eye catching, artistic, raw, original, inspiring, repurposed, creative clothing, accessories and much more."

“Mākslas” means Art in Latvian language. We are in the process of creating something new, adventures and exciting.

That being said while we are transitioning into something new we are also slowly ( not sure exact timeline maybe a year, maybe two ish…) starting to close out our current product line and exit market/festival scene.

We are feeling strong pull to change things up … don’t you worry we are not disappearing from the face of the earth we are just changing the scenery.

We have been doing markets/festivals for about 20plus year ish. As much as we love markets /festivals and all the fun stuff …let’s be honest we are officially getting tired of it.

We are grateful beyond that we have had opportunity to see most of the USA by sharing our art through all these fun events.

We are grateful beyond that we have met so many of you in person ! You all are so special to us ! We have had so much laughter, so much beautiful conversations, energy exchange with you all and we love every bit of it !

But remember we are not going anywhere we are just creating something new and different, new exciting collections.

We can still continue to have fun together just in different kind of settings. 

You could be part of our upcoming creative gatherings and exhibitions in USA and around the world 🌎 …We recently had our first creative gathering in Atlanta which was success.

You can check out insights of how it went down here

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Makslas connection creative gathering

We will have fun exhibition with fashion show, DJ’s, interactive shopping experience of our new collections  and more coming up sometimes in Fall in Atlanta , stay tuned for details !

PS. If you think you would like to be part of one of our Creative fun Gatherings please email us for details to love@IngaAndEvija.com

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